Existing EEX or ECC clients benefit from a simplified admission process. Multiple other market access opportunities are available. If you have any questions regarding admission, please contact our market specialists.

Several EEX Trading Participants– mainly but not exclusively banks – provide Direct Market Access (DMA) for clients.

The DMA provider has an “Order Routing System” that allows it to provide a trading front-end to end-clients that are unknown to EEX but can directly post orders and trades to EEX. The DMA provider remains legally and operationally responsible for all transactions performed via its trading access.

Order Routing Systems are electronic order forwarding systems which are used by trading participants to transmit exchange orders, i.e. exclusively for the entry, modification and deletion of exchange orders. Order Routing Systems may be connected to the Member Front-End System via a defined interface so that the orders transmitted via this system can be directly channelled into the EEX trading system