Fees Primary Market

Combined trading and clearing fee, in €/1,000 allowances (1,000 allowances = 2 lot)*

EU auctions (including EEA EFTA States)

€ 3.88

German auctions

€ 3.50

Polish auctions

€ 3.00

* The Auctioning Regulation refers to 500 allowances/lot with combined trading and clearing fees of 1.94 €/lot for EU auctions, 1.75 €/lot for German auctions and 1.50 €/lot for German and Polish auctions.

Price List:

> Current EEX Price List

> Current ECC Price List

Benchmark Fees and Fee Components

30/01/2020 Benchmark fees and fee components (104 KB) PDF

If your company is attending the emissions auctions as a Non-Clearing Member it needs to contract a Clearing Member for EEX > Spot Market > Emissions. Such a contract might include additional fees for the clearing of allowances won in the auctions. These fees are to be agreed upon bilaterally between your company and the Clearing Member. Information on Clearing Members admitted at EEX/ECC is available at ECC's website in the section About ECC AG > Partners & Products > Clearing Members. This comprises information on which markets the Clearing Members are offering their services.