M7 Auction System

Access to the auctions will be available via the M7 EUA Primary Auction Service. The auction platform is a web-based system easily accessible via the internet, with a dedicated login and password provided to admitted members by the EEX Market Supervision department.

Existing EEX emissions spot market members who satisfy the requirements of being eligible to bid under the EU rules may access the auctions via their Spot login and password.

Bidder Handbook M7 Auction

08/02/2018 Bidder Handbook M7 Auction (0.9 MB) PDF

M7 Auction System -Tutorial

The following tutorial informs about the key features of the M7 Auction System.

M7 Auction System Tutorial

M7 Auction System - View-Only Access
(Auction Results only)

EEX offers a free View-Only Access for the M7 Auction System to the public. You will not be able to see bids, but you will be able to see the auction clearing price, the total volume of bids submitted and the total revenue earned from the auction immediately after the auction. Independently this information and much more data will be provided in the Primary Auction Report within 15 minutes after each auction.

If you are interested in the View-Only Access, we kindly ask you to provide memberreadiness@ecc.de with your following contact data: name, company, address, telephone number and email address. You will then receive the log-in data.