Access to the auctions will be available via the ComXerv EUA Primary Auction Service. The auction platform is a web-based system easily accessible via the internet, with a dedicated login and password provided to admitted members by the EEX Market Supervision department.

Existing EEX emissions spot market members who satisfy the requirements of being eligible to bid under the EU rules may access the auctions via their Spot login and password.

Companies who would like to become a member of EEX's emissions spot market in order to access the auctions must first determine whether they are eligible to bid as per the EU rules and the EEX admission requirements. If so, the applicant has the choice of three EEX Memberships:

Full membership

Access to all EEX Markets (Spot, Derivatives) and products (power, natural gas, emissions, coal)

Environmental markets membership

Access to both or either the Spot and Derivatives markets for emissions products only (EUA, EUAA, CER, ERU) as well as participation in trading in Guarantees of Origin contracts.

Auction-only membership

  • Free Access: EEX Market Supervision enters bids on behalf of the member, via the Primary Auction Bidding form (free of charge; no fees for membership or technical access, only transaction fees apply)
  • Trader Access: Direct access to the EEX Spot Auction Platform; the member can enter, modify and cancel bids (small technical fee is payable)

If the company would prefer to bid indirectly, they may contact a trading member of EEX providing client services in emissions markets (please see the list here) or a clearing member of the ECC who provides client services. This may require satisfying their requirements for acceptance. The list of EEX members and the list of ECC clearing members may be found on the website of the respective company.

Further information on the admission process can be found on the 'Admission Process' section of the website. EEX Admission forms are available on the EEX website.

If you would like to become a member or if you require more information, please contact the EEX Sales team.

Delivery and Payment

Members who are successful in the auction will have the payment for and the delivery of the EU Allowances won in the auction executed via their delivery account at the ECC.

For more details on the ECC delivery process, please consult the ECC website.

Trading System

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ComXerv Auction System Production Environment -
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