Energiewende Products

The energy turnaround, which is resulting in a further increasing share of electricity generated from renewable energies in the market, necessitates the further development and optimisation of the existing power market.

Renewable energy cannot be planned in advance with total accuracy. Therefore, market participants especially need tools in order to be able to adjust their short term positions.

Our new products will contribute market participants in coping with the challenges of the energy turnaround. For us, turning the flexibility demanded by the market into tradable commodities, whose price is established on the market, constitutes one of the most important challenges.

German Intraday Cap Futures

EEX’s Cap Futures are cash-settled derivatives which help to manage market price risk on the Intraday Market. In contrast to classical Futures contracts, the Cap Future covers the high-price segment of the German Intraday market explicitly. The underlying price is the hourly ID3-price calculated by EPEX SPOT.

Since autumn 2016, the price level above which the Cap Future covers exposure has been set at 40 €/MWh.

Wind Power Futures

In 2016, EEX introduced Wind Power Futures – a standardised, cash-settled derivative on the average load factor of Wind Power production in Germany and Austria. This product allows dedicated hedging of the volume risk due to electricity production from Wind Power – wind farms can manage the risk of seasonal low wind, whereas conventional power producers can hedge the influence of wind power generation on the merit order.

New: Floor Futures

In 2017, EEX will introduce a new futures product for the Intraday market. In contrast to the German Intraday Cap Future, the new German Intraday Floor Future allows market participants to actively manage intraday market price risk in the low-price segment and, in particular, negative prices. The threshold below which the Floor Future covers price risk will be set at 10 €/MWh.