Product Overview

Data Offering

The Info-Product service comprises the market data from trading at the companies of EEX Group (EEX, EPEX SPOT and Powernext). Additionally, data from clearing on ECC as well as transparency platform data is provided.

In this context, the market data is available as either End-of-Day Data or as Delayed Data via a secured FTP server. More detailed information on the individual files and on the transparency data and clearing data, including sample files, is provided under Product content.

Interactive Product Matrix


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Rights of use

Depending on the intended purpose, you can subscribe to End-of-Day Data and Delayed Data with various rights of use:

  • Info-Vendor package: With this package you acquire the right to the commercial use or publication of the data provided.
  • Info-User package: This comprises the right to the internal use of the data. Publication or reselling of the data is not permitted.
  • Uni-Vendor: This comprises access for educational institutions including the right to forward the data to students for publication in the framework of academic work.

The use of further Info-Products (SMS, RSS feeds, reports) is permitted exclusively for internal use and, as a result, they cannot be published or resold.