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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • When do I receive access to data after I have placed a binding order?

  • How are invoice adjustments made?

  • How can I change my master data?

  • How will I be informed of changes to data, new Info-Products or the like?

  • What payment options are there?

Usage rights

Usage rights

  • Which rights of use are offered?

  • What access is there specifically for traders or for back-office employees?

  • Which access options are there for students and/or research institutions?

  • Which product do I need if I want to publish data free-of-charge?

  • How can I become an Info-Vendor?

Data provision

Data provision

  • How can data be downloaded?

  • What formats can be provided?

  • Via which platform is data provided?

  • What additional forms of data provision areavailable to the files?



  • At which times can I reach the Market Information Services team?

  • Why is the data access subject to a charge? Are there no fundamental publication requirements for the exchange?