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As part of the information product service which is subject to a fee, EEX makes the data from trading and clearing as well as the data from the transparency platform available for download.

End-of-day DataDelayed DataReal-time Data
Updating interval                                                                                                                               Daily provision of data after the end of tradingDaily provision with a latency period of, at a maximum, 15 to 20 minutes during the trading hoursProvision with a latency period of, at a maximum, 20 milliseconds between 0:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. during the exchange trading days defined in the TARGET European trading calendar.
ContentFinal settlement data for trading products (settlement)Prices of all trades for all trading products (tick data)Prices of all trades and order book (including market depth) for the products traded on ComXerv, Trayport and T7 (tick data)
PresentationAggregated presentation of the tradesRepresentation of individual trades with to-the-second precisionRepresentation of individual trades with to-the-second precision
File formatCSV, XLS, XMLXMLProprietary CEF® file format

End-of-Day Data and Delayed Data can be downloaded via a secured FTP server. In addition to these download files, we offer the provision of trading data via SMS.

Real-time Data for the EEX Group trading products are offered by Deutsche Börse in the context of a co-operation.

In addition, transparency platform data is provided via the FTP server, in the form of an RSS feed.

EEX Market Data Circular

The EEX Market Data Circular provides news regarding the information products:

  • Information on new data offers

  • Details regarding technical availability

  • Information on changed data and maintenance windows

The EEX Market Data Circular is sent out via e-mail. In addition, you can also receive the circular via our free RSS Feed or retrieve it from the EEX website.