Desktop Application

"Whether for traders or consulting companies, the Desktop App enables customers to track and analyse real-time market and transparency data with tailor-made views.”

Anika Reyes Napoles, Information Services Officer


Our Service for You

The Desktop App allows users to receive real-time commodity and transparency data. The Desktop App is part of EEX Group DataSource services.

What data is provided?

  • Historical & current data
  • Trading and order book data as well as transparency data
  • Prices and volumes
  • Settlement prices & indices

What features does the Desktop App provide?

  • Real-time commodity quotes
  • Dynamic commodity charting software
  • Real-time forward curve construction
  • Options analytics
  • Real-time alerts
  • Access to technical studies and trend analyses

Your Advantages

  • 24/7 highspeed access
  • Great breadth of data: trading data and transparency data
  • Easy to visualise, track and analyse real-time data
  • Provides the clarity necessary to make the right decisions

How to connect

  • Easy access via Desktop Application
  • App downloadable from EEX Website
  • Compatible with various operating system

Modules and Price List*

4.200€/ p.a. for internal use

*Please note: The mentioned price is for information purposes only. The currently binding price list is available at Trading > Price List.


12/11/2018 EEX Group DataSource Products General Terms of Contract for products with internal usage rights (English) - valid for all orders as of 19th November 2018 and in general all existing subscriptions as of 1 January 2019 (202 KB) (201 KB) PDF