Trading Gateway (TGW)

This access enables the user of Global Vision Trading Gateway to establish a connection to the EEX trading systems. 


Connection versions


Access to the trading systems via the internet is the access method which is the simplest  from a technological perspective. This version is suitable for customers who prefer cost-effective access combined with a simple configuration to a version with high availability and additional security.  

It needs to be taken into consideration that data exchange is effected in an unsecured manner. 



A VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers customers with higher security requirements the possibility to encode the network traffic via the internet connection. The counterparties have to authorise each other before the establishment of the connection to make sure that unauthorised persons cannot simply connect to the relevant corporate networks. To be able to use this solution, the customers have to procure and operate additional network infrastructure. Please consider the necessary hardware requirements in this respect.


Leased Line

Leased lines are recommended for customers with maximum security and availability requirements. The entire network traffic is not routed through the public internet and, in addition, it offers the highest-possible level of availability.