Launch of EEX Group DataSource Transparency API

Launch of EEX Group DataSource Transparency API

On 29th November 2018, EEX Group launched the transparency data API. The data of the EEX-Transparency Platform for Power, Natural Gas, Emission Allowances and Renewables are now available real time via a standardised interface embeddable in any application.

If you are interested in intraday updates of transparency data, you can order the new EEX Group DataSource service API. The product is already available for subscription on the EEX Shop.

Relevant sample, Interface Specification as well as more information about the API are located on the EEX website.

This is the first product of the EEX Group DataSource Suite to be launched. Stay tuned for further product launches about which we will inform in the upcoming EEX Group DataSource Circulars.

For all information on EEX Group DataSource or the migration details can be found on our website at Market Data > EEX Group DataSource.