Information on Option History files

Information on Option History files

Dear customer,

we would like to inform you about a few small changes on our Option History files. We are currently offering the Option history in a continuous yearly .xls file. We have received customer feedback that some files get difficult to handle over the course of a year as they will grow constantly in size. Therefore we have decided to break some big Option History files down from yearly files into smaller monthly files. This will ensure that they are easier to handle.

Affected commodities:

  • Power
  • Environmental


  • The change will take effect on the 15.6.2018
  • The files for the previous months of 2018 will be created manually on the 15.6.2018
  • We will stop to update the yearly files on the 15.6.2018

Affected files:

  • Old yearly files (including path):





  • New monthly files





Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Market Data Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.