EEX welcomes Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN Parliamentary Group Leader Anton Hofreiter

EEX welcomes Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN Parliamentary Group Leader Anton Hofreiter

This  morning,  the European  Energy  Exchange  (EEX)  welcomed  Dr.  Anton  Hofreiter, parliamentary group leader of Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN (the German Green Party), to Leipzig.  During  his  visit  to  EEX,  Anton  Hofreiter  visited  the  trading  floor  of  the exchange where  he  was  given  an  overview on the  operation  of  wholesale  power trading.

“During my visit, it was particularly important to me to exchange views on the security of  supply  and  the  further  development  of  the  market  design  with  the  experts at the energy exchange”, explains Anton Hofreiter. “In this context, it was very interesting for me to learn how volumes of power generated from renewable  resources are integrated into  the  market  and  how  providers  can  place  green  power  on  the  market  even  more successfully.”

“We were very pleased to be able to welcome Mr. Hofreiter to EEX and to give him an insight  into  power  trading”,  confirms Tobias  Paulun,  Chief  Strategy  Officer of EEX. “Functioning and liquid power spot and derivatives markets are indispensable in order to  reach both the  national  and  European  energy  and  climate targets. The  market  has shown  that  it  can  integrate  the  increasing  volumes  of  renewable  energies.  This  is based  on  the  energy - only market  and  grid  expansion  which  are  promoted  by  the political sector with determination.”

In  addition  to  a  tour  of  the  market  supervision department,  Mr.  Hofreiter’s  schedule included  an  expert  discussion with various representatives  of  EEX focusing  on  power and emission allowance trading.

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