EEX trading results for January 2019

EEX trading results for January 2019

EEX power derivatives volumes increase by 34%

In January 2019, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) increased volumes on its power derivatives markets by 34% to 323.0 TWh (January 2018: 240.9TWh). In particular, EEX recorded significant growth in power futures for Germany (224.2 TWh, + 92%), Austria (1.3 TWh, + 5,240%) and Spain (14.4 TWh, + 170%) as well as for the Central and South-Eastern European (CSEE) markets
(10.8 TWh, + 117%).

Emission Allowances

On the EEX markets for emission allowances, trading volumes totaled 92.1 million tonnes of CO2 in January (January 2018: 109.8 million tonnes of CO2). The slight decrease is a result of the significantly lower volumes in the EUA Primary Market Auctions (38.8 million tonnes of CO2 as against 66.5 million tonnes of CO2 in January 2018) which were reduced in the framework of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) that came into effect on 1st January 2019. On the secondary market, EEX was able to significantly increase trading volumes to 52.7 million tonnes of CO2 (January 2018: 43.3 million tonnes of CO2) which was particularly driven by EUA Options volumes.

Agricultural Products

Throughout January, trading volumes in agricultural products amounted to 2,696 contracts (January 2018: 2,990 contracts). In the dairy segment, the volume reached 1,016 contracts (equal to 5,240 tonnes). This includes 8 contracts from trading in Liquid Milk Futures (equal to 200 tonnes). In processing potatoes, volumes increased by 28% to 1.680 contracts (equal to 42,000 tonnes).

Global Commodities

In freight futures which are available for trade registration, trading volumes increased by 12% to 4,380 contracts in January (January 2018: 3,910 contracts). In freight options EEX registered a volume of 1,440 contracts.

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