Data alert - SOLVED Options

Data alert - SOLVED Options

Settlement prices of options of trading day May 3rd 2018 are now available. Please reload the files within the below mentioned folders.

Following folders contain the data:

  • /eod/market_data/power/derivatives/csv/2018/20180503
  • /eod/market_data/power/derivatives/xml/2018/20180503
  • /eod/market_data/power/derivatives/xls/2018
  • /eod/market_data/freight/derivatives/xls/2018
  • /eod/market_data/freight/derivatives/csv/2018/20180503
  • /eod/market_data/freight/derivatives/xml/2018/20180503

The following platforms offer these information:

We wish to apologize for the inconvenience this caused.

Yours sincerely,

Market Data Services