Action Required: Launch of Futures and Options market data on EEX Group DataSource sFTP

Action Required: Launch of Futures and Options market data on EEX Group DataSource sFTP

On 11th February 2019, EEX Group will launch the Futures and Options market data for all Commodities on the sftp server The services contain trading data for all Futures and Options markets with end-of-day updates in CSV format.

All Futures and Options market data as of 1st January 2019 will be available for download. Historical data sets as well as files in XLSX format will be provided at a later stage on the new server. Indices of the Power, Natural Gas and Agriculture Futures will be provided soon.

On 8th/ 11th February, we will submit to all subscribers to the end-of-day market data sFTP services their new login credentials via separate emails.

Please note, the current sftp will be available in parallel until 30th April 2019. Please adjust your systems accordingly.

As communicated before, end-of-day Power Spot and Futures data on the sFTP server will be separated into single countrywise products. If customers are interested in Power market data, they can choose between country-specific Power Spot and Futures products.

Customers of the product “Info-User Power Current” (eod) data will be migrated to the 2 end-of-day products “Power DE Spot” and “Power DE Futures” for internal use by default. Please find more information regarding your migration on EEX Website.

If you are not interested in the products you are being migrated to or interested in a different set of market data, please go to the webshop or contact the Information Services team.

Customers interested in intraday updates of market data in real-time will soon have the opportunity to register for  an EEX Group DataSource API service for market data.

Relevant samples as well as the interface specification about the DataSource sftp are located on the EEX website.    

Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Information Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.