Action required - Update on EEX Group DataSource sFTP-Migration

Action required - Update on EEX Group DataSource sFTP-Migration

In Q4/2018 EEX started the roll-out of new market data services. The new EEX Group DataSource services will replace the current Information Products offering and provide access to data for all tradable commodities of EEX Group Exchanges as well as transparency data.

Our EEX Group DataSource Circular from 15th November 2018 provides all relevant information on the new EEX Group DataSource services and migration. FAQs are available for each asset class on EEX’s website. Relevant samples as well as the interface specification about the DataSource sFTP are located on the EEX website as well.    

The new sFTP server contains trading data for the commodities Power, Natural Gas, Environmental, Agriculture, Freight and Ferrous Metals with end-of-day updates in CSV and XLSX format. We are pleased to announce that the transitional period will be extended. Following the request of our customers, the former sFTP will be available until 16th June 2019.

Please note:

  • Transparency Data on the current sftp will be updated in parallel until 6th April 2019.
  • Trading data in CSV, XML and XLS format on the current sFTP remains in operation until 16th June.
  • No further updates are made thereafter on
  • Any new trading product will exclusively be introduced on the DataSource sFTP.

The new sFTP Server is available to all subscribed customers. We kindly ask you to immediately initiate your migration process.

If you are interested in intraday updates of trading data in real-time, you can order the new EEX Group DataSource API service. The product is already available for subscription in the EEX Shop. 

Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Information Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.


Yours sincerely,

EEX Information Services