Action Required - Update for data provisioning service on sFTP server

Action Required - Update for data provisioning service on sFTP server

The information below is intended to update the previous notification on the deactivation of the sFTP server

As from 13 December 2019 the data provisioning service on the backup sFTP server will be disabled for XLS files for the commodities Agricultural, Freight and Iron Ore containing end-of-day data (EOD) and XML files for all commodities for EOD as well as delayed data (DD).

In contrast, some of the daily updated XLS formatted EOD files will remain available on sFTP server until 30 April 2020 concerning:

  • Natural Gas Spot
  • Natural Gas EGIX
  • Power Derivatives
  • Environmental Spot & Derivatives

Please note: No new EEX products will be integrated on the backup sFTP server New EEX products will only be made available on the new sFTP server

All historical files are being transferred to sFTP server and will be available for download (from archive folders) shortly. Further data integration will be announced in due course within the next few weeks.

We ask you to adapt your data collection processes accordingly.

For more granular, customized data solutions we refer to our real-time (RT) data applications:

  • EEX Group DataSource Desktop App
  • EEX Group DataSource Excel Tool (Beta version available for free until 31 December 2019)
  • EEX Group DataSource API Transparency Data
  • EEX Group DataSource API Market Data (to be launched soon, interested customers can apply for a test version via e-mail to
  • EEX Group DataSource Customised Solutions 

Information about the EEX Group DataSource services can be found on our website:

EEX Group DataSource products can be ordered online via the EEX Group Webshop:

Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Information Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.