Action Required - Invoicing

Action Required - Invoicing

In view of the forthcoming invoicing of EEX Group DataSource services for accounting period 1 January to 31 December 2020 we kindly remind you of your obligation to maintain invoice relevant data of your EEX Group Webshop account by 31 October 2019 in accordance with the General Conditions applicable to EEX Group DataSource Products.

Please Update Your Account Master Data

We ask you to check the account details for correctness, in particular:

  • please make sure to provide a valid Value Added Tax identification number (VAT ID number) according to VAT law, if applicable, by e-mail to since you are not able to amend this detail yourself on the shop,
  • please enter a separate invoice email address the invoice in PDF format is to be sent to and/or
  • provide a purchase order number (PO) to be stated on the invoice by email if required.

How to Login to Your Account?

Credentials for amendments to the EEX Group Webshop account details are as follows:

Login to EEX Group Webshop:
Email: [registered email address]  
Please send an email to to request this information if necessary.

Password: [registered password to be self-set/reset]
For data subscriptions existing before June 2019, the associated existing shop account must be activated by setting a new password since the EEX Group Webshop was introduced to replace the EEX Shop in June 2019.

Password self-set/reset: You can self-set/reset your password by following "Forgot your password?" when signing in. A link to follow for self-setting/resetting a password will be sent to the registered email address stored. Please note: If you want to change the email address to be accessible for setting the password please contact us.

Cancellations and Amendments

Any potential cancellations of EEX Group DataSource product subscriptions and amendments of account master data will be taken into account if made by 31 October 2019. Based on the information provided, you will receive the 2020 invoice at the beginning of that year.

Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Information Services by phone at +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.