Action Required - Availability of Power Futures XLSX files on sFTP server

Action Required - Availability of Power Futures XLSX files on sFTP server

As of now, end-of-day (EOD) data on Power Futures Market Results will be provided in country-specific annual files in XLSX format on the sFTP server

Initially files for the following market areas (countries) will be available as listed below:

  • PowerFutureHistory_Nordic_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_BE_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_CH_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_FR_OTF_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_FR_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_GR_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_GB_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_Phelix-AT_OTF_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_Phelix-AT_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_Phelix-DE_OTF_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_Phelix-DE_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_Phelix-DEAT_OTF_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_PL_YYYY.xlsx
  • PowerFutureHistory_SK_YYYY.xlsx

All other Power Derivatives EOD data files will be made available shortly.

Historical data prior to 1 January 2019 will be provided at a later date. All historical XLSX formatted files remain available on until the technical decommissioning of the entire sFTP server on 13 December 2019. By that date, historical files will be transferred to to be available for download.

The updated interface specification is available on the EEX website. In addition, the file-folder-mapping document can serve as guide for identifying the files and corresponding paths on the sFTP server

Please note: The folder structure on the sFTP server reflects that in case of internal data usage single country-specific Power data product subscriptions are required, which allow access to the respective market area. Details are collected on the website by following Market Data > EEX Group DataSource > Migration Details > Power:

Further information about the EEX Group DataSource Services can be found on our website:

EEX Group DataSource products can be ordered online via the EEX Group Webshop:

Further data integration will be announced in due course within the next few weeks. We kindly ask you to modify your processes for data retrieval accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact EEX Information Services by phone +49 341 2156 288 if you have any further questions.