RSS Feeds

The EEX RSS Feeds provide you with information in a rapid, straightforward and automated manner.

  • Rapid – Our RSS Feeds are updated every 5 minutes.
  • Straightforward - No looking around the website. You simply get the latest information.
  • Automatic – The RSS feed reader automatically uploads the latest information. RSS feed readers are provided by all commonly used browsers and e-mail programs.  

Just one click away – the EEX RSS feeds

EEX News Feed

You will receive news about the company, such as information on events, new products, newly admitted trading participants, prices at the primary market auctions and so on. 

> subscribe to EEX News Feed

EEX Market Data Circular News Feed

As a trading participant, you will receive information on the EEX information products, e.g. information about data adjustments, system maintenance windows and other news.  

> subscribe to EEX Market Data Circular News Feed

EEX Market Messages News Feed

You will receive information on market situations, auction results and other information.

> subscribe to EEX Market Messages News Feed

Please note:

  • Subscriptions to the EEX RSS feeds are anonymous, confidential and free of charge.
  • There is no right to publish the EEX market data provided. If you want to publish EEX market data, please contact the Market Information Services.