Exchange Council

In addition to the Management Board of the Exchange, the Sanctions Committee and Market Surveillance, the Exchange Council is one of the four executive bodies of the exchange. As such, it is in charge of three fields of tasks: the legislative competence, supervision of the Management Board and the human resources competence.

Matteo Ballarin

Kerstin Ludwig

Michael Bonde

Dr Carsten Poppinga

Paul Dawson

Dr Michael Redanz

Jens Göbel

Dr Peter Sentker

John Grey

Andrea Vittorio Siri

Pierre Guesry

Hugo Testard

Dr Jan Haizmann

Dr Anke Tuschek

Heribert Hauck

Vincent van Lith

Ralf Henze

Dr Wolf B. von Bernuth

Niek den Hollander

Dr Bernhard Walter

Jason LaBrooy

Prof Dr Christoph Weber

Leonardo Zannella