For the society

Social commitment makes a decisive contribution to the sustainable design and promotion of society. On the one hand, this creates a direct benefit for society through the support for organisations and institutions promoting common welfare. In addition, it is also a form of democracy in which individual people and companies support a project, which would otherwise not be supported or receive only a little support by the state, in line with their interests and values. As a result, these supporters can make a decisive contribution to society. Furthermore, social commitment also contributes to the resolution or alleviation of social problems and grievances.

Support for charitable projects

We support projects and associations that integrate underprivileged children and teenagers into society, increase their quality of life and give them perspectives for a route to a better future. We consider it to be our responsibility to promote equal opportunities and social justice by supporting these projects and we are convinced that our commitment within society is a necessary addition to the measures undertaken by the government. Society as a whole can only work, and be sustainably improved, through measures such as these.

In 2016, we supported the following institutions and associations financially:

Internal fundraising campaigns

We also offer our employees a platform for private social commitment. We arrange fundraising campaigns and inform our employees of how they can make a personal contribution several times a year.

For example, in 2016, we jointly organised two cake sales for a good cause and collected donations in kind for refugees several times.

During the Christmas season, we support Leipzig children’s homes. In cooperation with the “Zukunft für Kinder” [“A Future for Children”] association, we set up a “Christmas Wish Tree” on which small wishes from children from the Leipzig children’s homes for Christmas were displayed. For example, for Christmas 2016, 240 presents for children in need from the region were provided by EEX and its employees. This campaign met with an overwhelming response from within the company and in many cases, families and friends of colleagues also joined in.