For our employees

Our employees, their motivation and performance are an important factor in the success of EEX. Therefore, we set great store by a long-term and family-oriented human resources policy alongside an open corporate culture. Our company consists of people of various ages with different nationalities and in different life situations. Respectful interaction is the cornerstone – hence making sure that employees enjoy working with us. We consider internal communication to be a key process for informing our employees and ensuring that they “are onboard”.

Certification as familiy-friendly company

In March 2016, we have been awarded the title of a family-friendly company in the framework of the “audit berufundfamilie”. We have also signed a target agreement in the context of the audit in order to targetedly develop the offering for its employees. Compliance with the targets through the continuous expansion of the human resources measures is reviewed regularly and forms the basis for the maintenance of the certification.

Compatibility of career and private responsibilities

It is a matter of course for us that our employees – both men and women – can return to their previous position (and are not just given a comparable position) after the end of their parental leave. After parental leave, we enable all employees (including executive staff) to work part-time. Furthermore, last year, we set up a parent-child office in Leipzig where children can be looked after in a child-friendly atmosphere during working hours, if required. As an alternative, we provide the required technical equipment to enable parents to work from home. Furthermore, we offer our employees support in finding child care and also offer flexible working hours.


Individual further training options

EEX offers various programmes and options for further training for its employees. In the framework of the annual target agreement process, we establish specific targets and measures individually with every employee. All colleagues can attend language courses free of charge. Since our group now operates at 13 sites, foreign language skills have become an important factor which we support and promote. Our development into an international corporation also offers further oppertunities. For example, our employees can be delegated to another EEX site for several months in order to get to know further aspects of the company - as well as different cultures and to develop further within the setting of EEX. To support our junior staff, we also offer a 24-month trainee programme in which college or university graduates are given company-specific and interdepartmental training. Technical experts can pursue the so-called senior career – a programme including targeted further training and support.

Employee health

EEX promotes a healthy lifestyle for its employees. For example, we subsidise fitness studio memberships and weekly sports groups. We also support healthy nutrition at the workplace by providing free fruit and vegetables every day. The staff can also prepare fresh meals at our fully equipped kitchens. In addition, we also regularly carry out preventative medical measures and health checks on our own premises.