Corporate Social Responsibility

"Companies have a fundamental responsibility for the social environment within which they operate. For EEX, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an ongoing commitment towards its employees, customers, the environment and society. As part of society, we take our entrepreneurial responsibility seriously and live by it because we want to move more than just capital flows and set great store by the adequate consideration of social, societal and ecological aspects in implementing our corporate objectives."

Iris Weidinger, CFO


Organising transparent and liquid markets

We pursue the objective of providing the participants with a fair and transparent market platform, hence ensuring sustainable liquidity on these markets. We operate an exchange trading platform for energy, related products and other commodities. This way, we ensure that all trading participants can trade in a secure and regulated market on an equal footing. In this process, we connect various European and international markets and offer our trading participants the broadest possible scope of action. They are given access to fair and transparent prices which we publish so as to make them visible - for everyone, every day.

However, we do not only create transparency with regard to the prices and volumes traded on our markets: Power plant operators, for example, use the transparency platform to report their plants’ planned and actual generation.

At the same time, we also offer various services which the market participants can use to fulfil their reporting requirements in the framework of various regulations (e.g. REMIT). As a result, we create a holistic offering for the markets in which we operate.

Responsible, environmentally and resource-friendly corporate management

EEX relies on responsible corporate management. This includes a sustainable and long-term human resources policy as well as the protection of the environment and resources within the scope of our work. Strengthening the compatibility of work and private responsibilities and promoting the further personal development of our employees are of great importance to us.

“Good corporate citizen”: Social commitment

We actively support charitable initiatives and associations dedicated to education, sustainability, the environment and social concerns. In line with the slogan “Think globally, act locally”, the focus is on the sites at which EEX operates. In addition, we advocate the promotion of education and science relating to the energy market and energy-related subjects. In this respect, EEX also presents the EEX Excellence Award for outstanding academic theses dealing with technical, commercial or political questions related to energy and exchange trading.

Our responsibility

  • For our employees

  • For the environment

  • For the society

  • Social Day

  • EEX Group Excellence Award