The European Energy Exchange (EEX) with its registered office in Leipzig was established in 2002 as a result of the merger of the  German power exchanges in Frankfurt and Leipzig. Since then it has evolved into a leading trading platform for energy and related  products and has international partnerships. Clearing and settlement of all trading transactions are provided by the clearing house  European Commodity Clearing (ECC). EEX is a member of Eurex Group.

EEX Group

EEX Group includes the European Energy Exchange, the European Commodity Clearing, the European Commodity Clearing Luxembourg, the EEX Power Derivatives, EPEX Spot SE, the EGEX European Gas Exchange, the Global Environmental Exchange GmbH and the Cleartrade Exchange Pte Ltd.

Further shareholdings

12 %

Store-x Storage Capacity Exchange GmbH

20 %

EMCC European Market Coupling GmbH i.L.